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We, Mieke and Gerard, started our foundation "Cuba Adelante"          in 2014. Our goal is to help Cubans for a slightly better and well-being life. Currently we have contact with four orphanages in the city of Holguin. At home we are increasingly approached by people and institutions for advice, help or cooperation. We like it more and more to work for our foundation and to have Cuba as target. Also the beautiful scenery and especially the wonderful people makes us to love this country. We collaborate with our enthusiastic contacts Yamaisy& Jorge and Carlos in Holguin and Arisdel in Banes.


Jordan has his new prosthesis.                                                                Thank you for mediating, Yamaisy and Arisdel!

The renovation in Maceo orphanage is ready!

This renovation is necessary because the director, Caridad, needs to be with the handicapped children 24 hours a day. Caridad does not have children herself and considers the children in the orphanage as her own children. She and her husband should therefore have a place to sleep in the orphanage. Because there is no bedroom available for them, they have decided to make their bedroom from the laundry room and to build a new room for the laundry room which is more comfortable. The nurse also needed a better room for her medical supplies and administration. We immediately included this in the project. Carlos supervised this project and also helped with it. On Women's Day, March 8, was the opening and also celebrated by everyone. See the photos below. 

Travel report 2017   


 23 juli 2017: The report of the "Open Day"  

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The afternoon started at 14:00 but the first visitors arrived at 12:45 pm, which was early because we were not ready for all the preparations. The tent was nicely decorated, there were many photos we had stuck on large plates. Yamaisy last year made trinkets (wipes with the image of fruits or vegetables sewed) made for the kitchen so that she could also contribute by selling it to the open day. She makes these wipes on her already old footstep machine. Unfortunately, almost nothing has been sold. The people could also take a look at the annual financial statements and further information about Cuba. There was also a guestbook where people could write a word in what they liked of the day. At the bar, a drink, coffee with a flan, a sandwich of hotdog or eel was available for a small fee. It was also possible to drive in an Oldtimer ride for the Cuban feeling. Kees Plat could beat the rush with singing at 14.15 because many fans, family and friends had already arrived. Around 14:30 there was a lot of rain, but after that the sun was regulated and it didn’t rain anymore. Ron and Gerrie, the duo from Apeldoorn, they sang beautifully and Mark van Veen was the next singer. So far a nice varied program. The public was well-liked, the atmosphere was good. After that, we, Mieke and Gerard, talked about what was all realized by the Cuba Adelante Foundation and this year it was also possible to get a live connection to our contact person in Cuba, Yamaisy, via internet. First of all, it was not possible to get the sound on the television screen. We saw Yamaisy and they also saw us and the people. At last, it was possible to get the sound through the speakers and we could start our conversation. Yamaisy told about the bathroom realized in the orphanage of children 7 to 16 years and that the children wanted to shower in the new bathroom each day. She also said that the children are currently also having holiday and that they were at the time of calling to the beach. This is sometimes also possible for these children. The temperature is very hot, between 34 and 37 degrees. Yamaisy thanked everyone for coming to the open day and donating so that several things could now be realized by the foundation. Also, Yamaisy thanked Kees and Marga Plat for their efforts so as the other singers. She liked to speak with the famous, famous singer Kees. Kees was very surprised that he had to answer her question too. Yamaisy also mentioned that she was so beautiful that we, Gerard and Mieke, wanted to organize all of them and then spend again in their country, especially for orphanages. After her beautiful words she received a great applause from the attendees and we finished our story. Eric Baghuis then started singing again. Then the second round came for the singers so that music was continuously heard. At 6.30 pm they all sing and ended up with the song, very appropriate, Vaya Con Dios, a beautiful Spanish song. Kees Plat, indicated that they would have contributed to the open day of the Cuba Adelante Foundation and that they will definitely be back next year. So note in your agenda, Sunday, July 22, 2018 !!!

3th "Cuba Adelante Run" 9 July 2017

In the morning at 6 o'clock the sun seemed alright. The dressing of the square for the church could begin. It was another exciting morning; How many participants would we have this year? Laurens Timmermans had a beautiful trail run through the outskirts of “Limburg's landschap, the Banen and Houtsberg”. Everything was ready on time and around 9.00 o'clock the first entries were received. At quarter to 10, 60 runners had signed up, of which 6 were for the "Cuba Adelante Run" and 54 for the "Trailrun". A good turn up so. First Aid and Traffic Controllers had arrived. At 10 o'clock Mieke gave the start shot. The temperature has now risen to about 22 degrees with a lovely sun. At half past eleven, the children can start, also unfortunate there were no more children. 9 Participants had enrolled, of which 7 were in attendance last year. We had a cup available for each participant this year so we didn’t have to disappoint anyone. All in all, we had a successful "Cuba Adelante Run", so on to next year 8 July 2018. I would like to add a word of thanks to all those who help us again with the “Cuba Adelante Run” each year: Anja and Guido Schoolmeesters, Gerard Berkvens, daughter Ellen, Frouke Ronken, Johan Heijnen and Laurens Timmermans, and our Sponsors. 

Bathroom  is ready!

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