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We, Mieke and Gerard, started our foundation "Cuba Adelante"   in 2014. Our goal is to help Cubans for a slightly better and well-being life. Currently we have contact with four orphanages in the city of Holguin. At home we are increasingly approached by people and institutions for advice, help or cooperation. We like it more and more to work for our foundation and to have Cuba as target. Also the beautiful scenery and especially the wonderful people makes us to love this country. We collaborate with our enthusiastic contacts Yamaisy& Jorge and Carlos in Holguin and Arisdel in Banes.

The renovation of the kitchen for the orphanage of older children is READY. The original kitchen was very small, in the departure next the kitchen, there is being rebuilt the kitchen . Our contact Carlos leads and helps where necessary with this project. They were doing a good job!

The departure alongside, where two sinks are standing, is being demolished and converted into a new kitchen.

The demolition work.

Re-occupy the walls.

Hatch is made.

Door is installed.

Extra windows seen from inside.

Extra window seen from the outside and water pipe made, the water tank is on top of the roof.

Tiling the kitchen sink and storage space underneath.

Gas cooker is connected.

Ready to use.

The walls are painted.

Music afternoon Kees Plat & Friends

Sunday august 5 was a bright day. We had our garden completely covered against the sun.  In turn, Kees Plat, Mark van Veen, Ron & Gerrie, Sonja Onderstal, Eric Baghuis and Franky Stardust had their performance. The various music genres were well received by the audience. The audience did cosy sung along and dancing. The bar was also busy, the help in the bar had everything under control so everything went smoothly. For the necessary snacks, "Ons Boerenerf" had already heated the barbecue and everyone could be provided with a delicious sandwich with meat. Mieke started the speech around 4 o'clock. She told about what we had done in the past year. The photos, hung in the tent, gave a clear impression of this. We called with Carlos in Cuba, via IMO so it was possible for him to take a look inside the tent. He was also impressed by the number of visitors. Martin Hoffman asked the questions this time to Carlos, they have known each other for more than 20 years so very nice to speak to each other in this way. After the speech, the music afternoon continued until about 7 PM. All visitors were enthusiastic about the organization and "Kees Plat & Friends" which have been a great success this afternoon. We plan the date for next year as soon as possible so that it can quickly be put in the agenda again. We would like to thank all attendees for the contribution in any way. We can start immediately with our first new construction project in orphanage Peralta 4, the remodelling of the kitchen. PHOTOS

We have been to Cuba and this time we have done a lot for the orphanages but also for a few very poor families in Holguin.
In stages, photos with explanations of the site

We also had an appointment with Iván, an employee of ICAP Holguin, where we have a conversation every year about what we all want to do and have done. We have discussed with each other that it should be easier to bring the stuff and to be able to do our work in Cuba. For this we need a different type of visa / document. Iván contacts ICAP Havanna to request this in cooperation with the Cuban embassy in the Netherlands where we ourselves will go to ask for this.

We received an invitation to speak to Immigration in Guardalavaca. We had a nice conversation with them and were advised to have another visa / document when carrying out our foundation work. We have indicated that we are working on this with ICAP employee Iván. They said they were very happy with our help from the foundation for the children of the orphanages and the Cuban people.

Click on the photos to enlarge

We also visited a family who were very poor and also live in the neighborhood of contact person Carlos. We were warmly received but we were shocked by the living conditions in which they had to live. We saw that they had to sleep on beds consisting of shelves, a very old mattress / foam rubber or some clothes. We decided to order some extra beds to give them a good night's sleep.

We also went to the store to buy food and personal care products for the family.

The worn shoes

Gerard helps with snares of the new shoes.

The wheelchair went to a woman (80 years) in Carlos neighborhood, she could not walk for more than 20 years and spent most of the time on her bed.

When we arrived there, we saw that the woman,  together with her younger sister and older brother, they lived in the same conditions as the other family we had visited. For them we also ordered extra beds and achieved extra things as described above

In Banes we also spoke with Jordan, the man who got a new leg prosthesis early this year. He was very happy with his prosthesis, he could move on better again. This leg prosthesis consists of a metal mechanism and is surrounded with foam rubber and stocking and a solid "foot". This is replaced every six months because the foam rubber has a lot to suffer from the moving parts.

Jordan indicated that his bicycle was broken and could no longer be used to collect cans that he then handed in to earn money. We asked if we could see his bike to see if this can be repaired. The next day he came with his bike.

The axle of the wheel was broken and the tires were so worn that new ones had to be put on. We were able to buy another axle for him at the bicycle repair shop, but other bearings still had to be used. The bearings were a little too big and some had to be filed out of the shaft so that the bearings fit in anyway. This had to be filed by hand and it took at least an hour, but then it was finished. The rest of the job is done by a Cuban friend of ours and if all goes well, the bike is usable again after the repair of the axle and replacement of the old worn tires

The electric tricycle given by Rijwielservice Rob Schreurs from Nederweert went to Carlos, he can move now quickly through the traffic in Holguin and it has been agreed that if there are stuff are necessary for the orphanages and in the neighborhood,  Carlos by bike can do.

On Monday we went with the truck to pick up the beds already made for the last orphanage. We brought them directly to the orphanage. Unfortunately, Carlos got on the road in a piece of glass in his food and  after the blood had stopped, he had to go to the hospital to have it checked by a doctor.

At this orphanage they indicated that the kitchen block needed the most to be replaced, and after this the children's toilet. For the toilet they had been lying tiles for a while that had been purchased for this. But here it stopped, it was indicated that there was no cement and sand and so forth to restore it. We will look at what it will cost to first replace the kitchen block.

We bought a gas stove, high pressure pan, blender and iron for this orphanage. The beds of this orphanage were taken into use at the beginning of the year.

At the beginning of this year we have created a space for sick children and the sister and subsequently a laundry room at the orphanage of the handicapped children. Now we could see with our own eyes how this came out.

The orphanage of handicapped children asked us if we could possibly also enlarge the office of the director. This is also the space for education of the children in combination with the computer. There is actually no room for three people in here, a computer and two tables. By moving a wall two meters outwards, this can be adjusted relatively easily. We will look at what this will cost.

We bought a pressure cooker and blender for this orphanage.


At all orphanages, we had a small party with cake, pizza and soft drinks. That was very nice and everyone eaten well. It was so nice to see the children enjoying themselves.

Dividing the items brought from the Netherlands between the orphanages.

Jordan has his new prosthesis.

 Thank you for mediating, Yamaisy and Arisdel!

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