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Mieke & Gerard             

Contactpersons Carlos & Yeni                  from Holguin

We, Mieke and Gerard, started in 2014 with the "Cuba Adelante" Foundation. Our goal is to help Cubans for a slightly better life and wellbeing. We are currently in contact with 5 homes for Children  without protection in the city of Holguin. We are also gaining more and more contact with various government institutions such as hospitals and schools. At home we are increasingly approached by people and agencies for advice, help or cooperation.                                  Our contacts in Cuba are Carlos and Yeni, they belong to the foundation, they do a great job in Cuba. They dedicate themselves with heart and soul to achieve a good result. They also have a CASA PARTICULAR where it is wonderful to stay. They also want to guide you through the region with you. (see: the page "Uw overnachtingen")  We are more and more enjoying the goal of Cuba; the beautiful landscape, the beautiful nature but especially the wonderful people.


Thanks doctors and nurses


We are very grateful to the Cuban doctors and nurses for what they do for the European (Italian) population. Their expertise will certainly help to fight the Corona virus and help people here.      

 Thanks doctors and nurses

The bathrooms of the poor families are ready. As supervisor, Carlos has realized all this in a short time together with the bricklayer and residents. They are very happy with this result. Thank you very much to those who paid for this !!

The bathroom of Tata

 Start of the bathroom

The roof




The bathroom of Gero

demolish the old bathroom

foundation has been poured


occupying the walls



The Explosion Rockets 

are coming to Nederweert – Eind. This fabulous band has been around since the late 1950's and brings Rock & Roll as Rock & Roll should be. 

They perform both at home and abroad, and also guide well-known artists in the Rock & Roll world such as Marc Robinson, Andy Tielman and Chris Montez
They bring songs from Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Cliff Richard and the Shadows etc. etc.. 

This evening is organized by the foundation "Cuba Adelante"  in collaboration with Café / room "'t Verschil" in Nederweert-Eind. There is a large dance floor and there are enough seats. The evening starts at 8.30 p.m. and the room is open at 7.30 p.m.

The entrance fee is € 10.00 in advance and € 12.50 at the box office. Tickets can be ordered by transferring € 10.00 to account NL23 KNAB 0259 6348 32 in the name of Rutjens, stating The Explosion Rockets, number of cards, name and e-mail. You will receive a confirmation on your e-mail. Tickets are then ready at the counter.

We wish you a very pleasant evening !!

The Foundation "Cuba Adelante"  cooperates with                                      NIRINT SHIPPING Rotterdam.We are looking for the following for a school in Moa for refurbishing the kitchen and canteen:

professional gas stoves
Aluminum countertops
freezers / freezers
tables and chairs

Who can help us with this?

Blood pressure meters donated by the Laurentius Hospital
  in Roermond.

             North Limburg holiday fair in Belgium 19-01-2020 is well visited!


A good number of people were interested in Cuba. We think it is a well-organized exhibition and the volunteers from Pasar who organize it are friendly and pleasant. Our compliments! We are happy to be there again next year!

We are now recognized as an official foundation in Cuba.

Travel report 2017   


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Photo's in 2019 in Cuba 1  and  2019 in Cuba 2

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